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Important Facts about Stocks

Key Ratios Common stock usually entitles the owner the right to vote at shareholder meetings and to receive dividends that the company has declared. Owners of preferred stock receive dividends before common shareholders and have priority in the event a company goes bankrupt and is liquidated. Return on Assets (ROA). An indicator of how profitable […]

What are Stocks?

The value of a stock depends on whether its shareholders want to hold it or sell it, and on how much other investors are willing to pay for it. If a company is doing well or investors have confidence in the company’s future, the stock’s value may go up. Through 1994, stock prices, as measured […]

Investment Types Word Circle Concept with great terms such as stocks, bonds, savings and more.

Stocks, Bonds, & Mutual Funds

Stocks, Bonds, & Mutual Funds When it concerns investing your cash for retirement, mutual funds are, more times than not, the way to go. You may discover that writers continually talk about these funds if you have checked out a number of personal financing posts. Still, they commonly fail to describe the fundamental property behind […]

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Acquainting Commonly Made use of Stock Market Terminologies

The stock market is a fantastic arena for individuals to invest with certain amount of risk, however, for numerous newbies, all the pressure of stock trading may trigger a lot of confusion, specifically if you are not familiar with the many terms and techniques made use of for arrangements. If you are a beginner in […]

Bank of England MPC Comments After November Rate Decision

November 5, 2015 — 7:01 AM EST The following is the text of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee comments following the November rate decision: MONETARY POLICY SUMMARY The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) sets monetary policy in order to meet the 2% inflation target and in a way that helps to […]

With an installment loan, you pay an agreed amount, which includes principal and interest, every month. Each payment reduces the balance of the loan until it is paid off. There is a fixed ending date, known as the term of the loan.

Unsecured loans are not backed by any collateral. You borrow money on the strength of your good credit and ability to repay alone. When the Prime Rate is low, such as when the government is trying to stimulate the economy during a recession, you save on interest. If you need to borrow during a period […]

Asset Allocation & Your Investment Plan – A Blueprint For Wealth

When we talk about asset allocation we refer to the various vehicles in which we invest our cash. It is advised that the largest chunk of your assets should fall into the security (approx 70 %) bucket and this includes assets such as cash, ISAs, pension funds, home of residence, safe bonds and government securities. […]

Adjustable Rate Mortgages: This Home Mortgage Loan May Not Be For The Weak At Heart

“I am interested in a fixed mortgage rate.” I said. “May I ask why that is?” The broker asked politely. “Looking at your last ten years of history, you have done pretty well with the adjustable rate. May I suggest that we look at some adjustable rates, which are even less than the rate you’re […]

Forex Currency Trading Explained

FX or Forex, currency trading is the trading of one currency against another. In currency trading, these codes are often used to express which specific currencies make up a currency pair. Buying (“going long”) the currency pair implies buying the first, base currency and selling an equivalent amount of the second, quote currency (to pay […]

Introduction To Options Trading, Part 1

Stocks provide you with tangible value, because they represent part ownership in the company. If the stock rises in value, you will gain a profit. Stocks, because they have tangible value, can be traded over public exchanges, or they can be used as collateral to borrow money. The study of options can expand your perceptions […]