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With an installment loan, you pay an agreed amount, which includes principal and interest, every month. Each payment reduces the balance of the loan until it is paid off. There is a fixed ending date, known as the term of the loan.

Unsecured loans are not backed by any collateral. You borrow money on the strength of your good credit and ability to repay alone. When the Prime Rate is low, such as when the government is trying to stimulate the economy during a recession, you save on interest. If you need to borrow during a period […]

Adjustable Rate Mortgages: This Home Mortgage Loan May Not Be For The Weak At Heart

“I am interested in a fixed mortgage rate.” I said. “May I ask why that is?” The broker asked politely. “Looking at your last ten years of history, you have done pretty well with the adjustable rate. May I suggest that we look at some adjustable rates, which are even less than the rate you’re […]